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The Most Obvious Solution Is To Build Upwards Rather Than Outwards, But That Creates Problems, Too.
20.07.2016 17:00

Architect Registration Numbers: NSF Registration off the plan homes No: 4234  |  ACT Registration No: 2470  |  LLD Registration No: 4752. Become your own new home builder! You can still win! Try bidding again. A good building designer looks at problems like these and finds ways to turn them into advantages: Instead of designing a tall, rectangular building, they might design a tiered building and use the empty space upstairs as a garden terrace. What about the flow of traffic through the house? The most obvious solution is to build upwards rather than outwards, but that creates problems, too. Careful consideration of site layout of narrow blocks can not only overcome the inherent constraints, but also create new opportunities and unique outcomes.

Practical Guidelines For Locating Primary Criteria Of Narrow Block Building

I can help! We specialise in narrow block designs to suit 10m, 12m and 15m wide blocks and they do not have to be level. Do you like to cook? Take the first step in building on your small or narrow lot with G Homes today. Will the completed house look like a tall, skinny domino about to topple over? Narrow block house designs can be difficult but AC Homes is one of Sydney’s leading home builders and we know that having a narrow block house does not mean having to compromise on House plans floor plan layout, space, functionality or features. Images on this website may depict fixtures, finishes and features not supplied by McDonald Jones such as decking, down lights, internal and external fireplaces, window and household furnishings, landscaping and swimming pools.  lac Homes are experts in creating custom design homes on difficult blocks of land, our highly experienced team can cater for any unusual land types including sloping blocks and no data knock down rebuild solutions. Narrow sites are usually not suited to volume built and set plan designs as they do not take into account the orientation & limitations that are unique to every site. Good Luck!


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